Bruno Maggi

In my company, I have put people at the center of every production process, because I am convinced that human dignity and the beauty of what surrounds us can only be restored through the rediscovery of consciousness. Beauty, combined with passion, innovation, social and cultural well-being, represents an indispensable paradigm for our company.

Our story

Our company history goes back a long way and began in 1996 when CEO Bruno Maggi took over the family business, operating in the electrical systems sector, immediately shifting the core business to the hospitality sector. Since then, innovation and applied technology have always been the driving forces of the company's growth.

With the continuous search for new markets and opportunities, in 2004 the company decided to renew the range of services offered, specializing in the home automation sector applied to the hospitality sector and to enter a new growing market, that of swimming pool construction, which has recently been joined by the construction of wellness centers.

Today, MD Group operates through its brands to offer customers turnkey projects for the private and public sectors destined for hospitality. .

The philosophy

“The term utopia is the most convenient way to dismiss what one has no desire, ability, or courage to do. A dream seems like a dream until you start somewhere, only then does it become a purpose, that is, something infinitely greater.”

Adriano Olivetti


I believe there are different types of entrepreneurs and types of success. You can be more focused on specific aspects, from profit to environmental sustainability, we prefer to focus our attention on the Common Good and on the importance of Man.


Humans are at the heart of our projects and our company


“You can be focused on the present without worrying about the future, or you can protect what is good, ensuring its continuity over time and continuing to build a new future”.

The value of the Land

The beauty of well-organized and well-kept places means conceiving space in a harmonious way. We design choosing materials, shapes, lights and colors in order to transmit energy to those who live them, letting the beauty shine freely.

Taking care of the places where you live allows you to nurture this vital energy resource, capable of producing well-being and nourishing health.

The concept of Beauty

Man wants to come into contact with beauty, the search in all its forms and he himself is a “creator” of beauty. This is because beauty is a value that belongs to everyone, even if in a different way because it is subjective, and it concerns both one's own aesthetic-physical appearance and what is around us starting from the environments where one lives.

Beauty is a value

Hands that transform matter and give free rein to emotions

There are hands that know how to give shape to things, hands capable of transforming matter, hands that know how to build great things, that know how to think them, that write history. There are hands that know how to unite people, that unite peoples, that transmit emotions. Our hands are those of the artisans and craftsmen who know how to transform environments into corners of paradise dedicated to relaxation and well-being.

The Team

Human capital plays a fundamental role in facilitating the creation of company well-being. Well-being that is based on solid values, on the promotion of a culture that supports the success of the entire group. Quality of products, and services, customer care. Team spirit, constant training, passion for our work are the strengths of our company.

The professionalism of the work team is the our strength

The organization is based on criteria of flexibility and informal interpersonal relationships, while communication plays a key role in managing relations with employees. This form of corporate action contributes to creating a positive working environment, in which each individual worker feels involved and part of a common project.

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)


Business Controller Manager


Marketing & Communication Manager


Project Manager


Construction supervisor


Junior swimming pool installer and service


Junior swimming pool installer


Junior swimming pool installer



Concept 2024: The Meaning of Travel

In 2024, we will celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of Marco Polo, a traveler, ambassador, and merchant, but above all, the first of his time to turn his journey into a story, "The Travels of Marco Polo".

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The company embraces corporate welfare with NEXUMSTP SpA

The commitment we express in the care of details and in the attention to the places where we operate cannot but be reflected within the group and, in particular, in human relations. For this reason, we have started a path of rewarding welfare for our employees, linked to the achievement of company performance. We are convinced, in fact, that the only way to achieve solid and stable goals, reconciling them with the well-being of people, is to redistribute, within the company, the successes and results, including economic ones, achieved.

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Bruno Maggi Founding Partner and Vice President of APULIA FABER

In 2022, the Apulia Faber association was founded. It is a network of professionals and entrepreneurs who promote the development of real estate investments in Puglia, acting in a highly qualified, professional and ethical manner. The creation of a network, aimed at supporting the integration of skills, knowledge and specializations in real estate, responds to the need to offer reliable interlocutors who can become a reference point for investors - especially foreign ones - who, while choosing Puglia, fear the complexities they may encounter.

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Our Divisions

Transform your dream into reality

Teknopiscine has been operating in the swimming pool construction and maintenance sector for over fifteen years and is able to create innovative solutions adaptable to every need and desire.

At the basis of Teknopiscine's philosophy is the belief that a swimming pool is a true piece of furniture for the home and garden, but it is also the place to enjoy relaxation, well-being and free time.

Creativity, customization and technology are important principles in Teknopiscine's philosophy that allow the creation of a tailor-made swimming pool for your needs.

The right solution for your well-being

Our experience at your service: Nadira is specialized in the creation of wellness centers and private SPAs, custom-designed to meet any need, offering innovative solutions for relaxation and well-being, combined with an elegant and refined design.

Experience, creativity, competence and technological research allow us to offer an attentive and high quality service in the wellness sector, making Nadira a valid and reliable reference point in the industry.